Family Law Services



Work with a Mediator to reach agreements outside of court and maintain control over the decisions that will be made in your family following a divorce. Save time, save money, and most importantly save your children.


Work one-on-one with your divorce attorney who will work alongside you every step of the way.

Prenuptial Agreements

Protect your separate property and debts in preparation for marriage.

Orders of Protection

When domestic violence becomes a concern, work with a family law attorney who will work to protect you and those you care about.



Settle disputes involving your children outside of the courtroom and save them from experiencing litigation in the family. No one knows what is best for children better than their parents. Take control of your children’s future and reach agreements through mediation.

Child Custody & Child Support

Nothing is more important than your children. Work one-on-one with a trusted family law attorney in disputes involving your children.


Work directly with a trusted family law attorney who will work to reach a parenting schedule that is both fair to the parents best and in the best interests of children.

Modification of Judgments

Circumstances are always changing. When changes occur in your family, work with a trusted family law attorney who will assist in modifications of child support, parental responsibilities, and parenting time.