Sports Law Services

  • Athlete Advising – Learn your rights and develop an NIL strategy with the help of an NIL attorney.
  • Compliance & Reporting – We cover our athletes’ compliance, reporting, and disclosing requirements to protect their legal interests and athletic eligibility.
  • Contract Drafting – If you have an NIL deal, no matter how small, get it in writing. Our firm drafts contracts on behalf of athletes with their interests in mind to protect them in NIL deals.
  • Contract Review – Review your NIL contract with an attorney and ensure your rights are protected. Do NOT enter into a legal relationship without having someone in your corner.
  • Digital Avatar Licensing – Ensure that your interests are protected and that you are compensated for the use of your identity in video games.
  • Entity Creation– LLC and 501(c)(3) – We help athletes start businesses, form charities and ensure they are protected from personal liability.
  • Risk Management Our firm works to protects college athletes from recruitment until college
  • Scholarship ReviewWe ensure our clients’ interests are protected within their universities. Review your scholarship documents with the help of a sports attorney.
  • Trust Accounting – Since 2015, our firm has provided trust accounting and monthly reporting services to clients. We serve athletes and their families to prepare for paying taxes, establish budgets, and plan for life after college.